Danny Swanson
“if you can get to your yoga mat, you can conquer your dreams” - Danny Swanson

Yoga and Breathwork for back pain and life. All levels.

Hi, I’m Danny. I’ve been dealing with neck pain, back pain, and sciatica for about 20 years

I’ve herniated three discs in my low back and one in my neck 

I’ve been in IT for about that long also. I know what it’s like to sit too much, stare at too many screens. 

But today, my back feels better than it did ten years ago, and it’s time to start teaching people what I’ve been up to. We are going to do some breathwork to level the nervous system and expand the spine, and do some movement to stretch and strengthen the back. 

Nothing fancy, just some yoga. All levels welcome, but expect to move. 

If you are in acute back pain, most yoga classes may not be the best idea in general. Best to ask your doctor before starting a yoga program. Danny is not a doctor. 

About Danny Swanson:

RYT200+50 + Yin Level 1 – Riffs Studios, San Diego, CA 2016, 2021

Breathwork Facilitator teacher-in-training (Our Breath Collective, 2022)

Tech Consultant 2001-present